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Greek Love
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5th-Feb-2012 05:08 pm - Song: I Call Your Name
can't stop the rock
Hello all! I wrote a song about Achilles and Patroclus, and thought you all might be interested. It's over on my tumblr, here.
blinded by my fate, i could not prevent your fall
Iliad; Achilles/Patroklos
PG; 1144 words
Even without the promise of glory, love would have been enough to bring Achilles to Ilium.

For Yuletide 2011, to filia_noctis. Thanks so much to chiasmus for looking this over and helping me with all sorts of random background/context/setting questions! <3

AO3 | LJ
30th-Aug-2011 04:57 pm - homeric cannon achilles/patroclus
i was just wondering if there were any fics out there of the Achilles/Patroclus pairing that stay within the Homeric cannon? that being where Patroclus is significantly older than Achilles and he isnt his cousin? i know there are other variations of this pairing but i like sticking to the traditional :)
27th-Aug-2011 11:50 am - Mythology Kink Meme
Mythology Kink
Hi! I've created a mythology kink meme that would love to see your Achilles/Patroclus prompts! Also: banner and link under the cutCollapse )
22nd-Sep-2010 01:12 am - More-or-less back from the dead
I want to apologize to everybody for disappearing from this community six or so years ago!  Real life intervened with a vengeance.  Now the stars have aligned to get me back into Achilles/Patroklos fandom again, and amazingly, I'm actually currently working on a bit of writing about them.  So I just wanted to say "hi" to everyone and say thank you for the beautiful writing you've kept posting here over the years.  It's an inspiration (and it is gorgeous!).
23rd-Feb-2010 11:03 pm - this comm needs more love. D: D:
Title: Bisection
Rating: pg
Summary: The irony is not lost on him--the prince dressing his once-squire for battle--but he can't not do this.

( Remember what I said. )
23rd-Feb-2010 06:41 pm - drabble: so be it
stock / once upon a time
Title: So Be It
Author: igrab
Pairing: Achilles/Patroclus
Wordcount: 575
Rating: PG
Notes: movie!versions, except. well. actual relationship, what-is-this-cousin-bs, etc. mostly random and rather silly, but i wrote it and it exists so it is here.

Are you going to wear it or not?
4th-Jan-2010 11:28 pm(no subject)
Hello 8D

I'm new and slightly nervous, but I come bearing fic. This is my first go exploring Achilles, so I would really appreciate some feedback and friendly critique. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

*gnaws his fingernails*


Title: Fire
Rating: pg/pg-13
Summary: His life is dominated by fire.

( Fake cut! )
5th-Oct-2009 09:10 pm(no subject)
Iliad, Patroclus, Achilles, Greek Mythology
My first Killie/Pat fic up here! I meant to get it up by Sunday, but that obviously did not work.

Anyway...enjoy and please review.

But A Shadow
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Uh...nothing much? I just made it PG-13 to be safe.
One night, following the death of Patroclus, Achilles returns to the beach in memories of his beloved comrade.

30th-Sep-2009 04:15 pm(no subject)
Iliad, Patroclus, Achilles, Greek Mythology

Hello, Greek Love!

I just felt like shouting on the top of my lungs that I have joined the Achilles/ Patroclus community! Very happy about this--The Iliad (and the love between Achilles and Patroclus) is just about the best thing that has ever happened to the world. I'm glad that I found a community that thinks the same. :) Hmm...never knew that endlessly writing Killie/Pat fics was normal, 'til now!



21st-Sep-2009 07:56 pm(no subject)
I feel a little bad for forgetting to breath life into our community when I first wrote this. But...you may call me Isis! (Wrong mythology, I know.)

Title: Jealousies
Rating: PG-13
Patroklos/Achilles, Achilles.Troilus. There are consequences for killing a certain prince. Set in the early years of the war. Contains very, very slight sexual references. If you squint and turn sideways, you can't even see them.

Fake Cut
2nd-Jun-2009 07:31 pm - Achilles/Patroclus painting
alexander &amp; hephaistion( alexander film)
Hello!I discovered an Achilles/Patroclus painting last night and I thought I'd share with you guys. I hadn's seen this before and I liked it a lot, despite it beeing a bit twisted and absurd -- always in a good way.To tell you the truth these characterists could also explain why I liked it . I have to warn you though, it depicts an intimate moment between the two( meaning that this is NOT work safe). The artist's name is André Durand and you can see the painting here .Pay a visit to his websites too, he seems to like depicting mythological themes in his work!Enjoy ^_^
17th-May-2009 05:07 pm(no subject)
Title: Twenty-six Reasons
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A few small references to sex. Nothing much.
You know those silly memes where they tell you to do the alphabet? Well this is the whole thing. Achilles/Patroclus, with mentions of Achilles/Deidamia and Patroclus/Iphis

17th-Mar-2009 08:31 am(no subject)
I finished a drawing! An Achilles/Patroclus one! Okay, so I rushed it nearer the end, to the point at which I cheated on the background >.<

I don't think there's really anything distasteful about it, but I'm putting it under a cut anyway, because they are naked (as far as we know), and quite obviously about to start something.

clickity-clickCollapse )

25th-Jan-2009 12:03 am(no subject)
Okay, this is the last post I'm ever putting up here about In All but Blood. I've seen people who put every chapter of stories up on communities, and there is no way I am inflicting that on y'all. I'm putting up a link to a list of every bit of writing I've ever done on it--all the chapters, extras, etc.--and so anyone who isn't watching me can go there every once in a while to look for anything new if they so want.

Everything to do with my Big-Long-Story-From-Hell

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